Venus & Athena

In high school, I got together with some girlfriends and we made a feminist zine. Cut and paste, hand written, photocopied and stapled, we dropped it in the front hall of our school one morning before homeroom. The administration confiscated all the copies by somewhere around second period. Hardly anyone got to see it, and […]

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Postmortem on the R Train

I’m traveling home on the R train after work today, listening to Two Door Cinema Club, a record I bought a few years ago but forgot about it until I heard the Dutch guy at work playing it last week and remembered how fun it is. This weekend marked the 20th anniversary of my high […]

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high schoolers on train platforms

There’s something about a train platform full of high school students. It is something magical, something tragic. Something buoyant with potentiality spills out of hoodies and frantic is-this-what-it-means-to-be-grown hand shakes. It is ebullient, joyous, and devastating and beautiful. It’s nostalgic, we know what it was to be that, we know how hard it was, we […]

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