Adventures in Being Home Alone

Dave and C went to see fam this weekend while I stayed home. I’m usually glad for some time without responsibilities, but this was freaky. txts: 1 am, Saturday night. Libby: Someone keeps ringing the door bell There were people ringing the bell and knocking on the door, both exterior front of the house and […]

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Sometimes I will fail you.

Sometimes I will fail you. Like this morning. Let’s face it, this was a shitty morning. You didn’t want to go to school, I didn’t want to go to work. I gave you a peach smoothie for breakfast but you only like berry. There wasn’t time to finish your satellite dish, or the lunar lander […]

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Pushed and pulled

Yesterday I felt pulled in two directions. I’ve talked to other artist parents about this, about this pull, and yesterday, not for the first time, I felt it. I’d had a super productive day planned. Work at my job-type-job in the morning, then drop off my brand new laptop for repair (I think I got […]

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Making mommy friends

My kid keeps asking if one of his friends from school can come over. My first thought was that the tables had turned, and now parenthood wasn’t a question of incorporating my child into my social life, but he asking me to facilitate his. My second thought was that this was sweet, that my child […]

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Why are we all so afraid to grow up?

I recently read something about how adolescence has been extended to 25. Putting aside for a second the probability that the psychologists extending the borders of childhood are likely trying to help people by making these determinations, what is it about adulthood that we so anxious to protect our children from experiencing? Why are we […]

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