feel feeling like a mad crush

I get off at Delancey Street just so I can walk past some memories. I want to feel things I haven’t felt in a while. Every corner of this neighborhood is a time capsule. I’ve had a drink in every bar, bought milk in every bodega, peeked into every shop window. The hood has changed, […]

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Google God

Let me just say first off that I’m a big fan of personal technology. I got my first iPhone in 2009, I’m now on my third. It’s my primary computer, communicator, notebook, word processor, camera. It’s basically an extension of my hand. I’ve written plays on it, created and sent Christmas cards. I’m writing this […]

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Things that bring me joy

1. Downloading a record onto my iPhone on the way to the subway stop so I have something new to listen to on the train. Today’s lucky record is the new Ultraista. It came out in October last, so maybe I’m a touch behind, but it was either that or the playlist featuring Mala Rodriguez, […]

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