Hamilton: an appreciation

I keep listening to the Hamilton cast recording. My son C and I listen to it aaaaallll the time, and he knows almost all the words. He tells me Hamilton’s son Philip should have his own musical, and I tell him he can write it if he wants. We take him to piano lessons. He […]

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Cocteau Twins for Life

Perhaps more than any band I’ve loved it is the Cocteau Twins that have seen me most thoroughly through life. My bedroom window in our home on the corner of Kingston Road and some other road that ended in a cul-de-sac which name escapes me looked out on the side yard. The green of the […]

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Dear Old People in Families

Dear Old People in Families, You’re not really old, I know that. When you look in the mirror you are surprised to see an aging face looking back at you while your insides feel no more than 25. I get that. I feel that way too, on my perch atop these past 40 years. I […]

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This is a speech from my new play hippopotamus. In hippopotamus four moms all have kids in the same pre-K. Their attempts to navigate a motherhood/work balance are complicated by being the stay-at-home mom in a two mom family, being married to the object of an adolescent passion, becoming a newly single mom in a […]

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Watching people begin

Some people I know on Facebook got engaged. Everybody liked it, I liked it. They are smiling in their picture. They are happy. They are gleeful that they have this chance to begin together. Once upon a time, I myself began in a similar way, but without the photos, and without anybody liking it very […]

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Faith is super hard

My anxiety comes from the realization that the secure foundations upon which I’ve built my life aren’t secure at all. I look at the faithful, the people who let God be a driving force in their lives, and I think: I want that. I want an anchor like that; a rock; a tether; a foundation […]

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