5 Waters Please, Mommy

Washing up quick between courses on Christmas Eve. A voice by my side, my nearly 7 year old son, asking: 5 waters please, mommy. First thought: I’m out here washing up and being asked for something? Second thought: Who does he think he is making demands? Almost give a smirk, almost say: Do I look […]

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Massive Morning Mess

It was a hot morning, blossoming into an even hotter, muggier day. I didn’t want to go to work, but was pulling it together. My son didn’t want to go to camp, but was not quite managing it. I’d let him watch it an ipad show at breakfast, so that was the first sign of […]

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Narrative Female Sex

Coming up I knew I wanted to be a writer. I wrote all the time. When I wasn’t writing I was reading. I read lots and lots of Henry Miller, finding in him a reflection of myself. In Black Spring, the various Tropics, and the Rosy Crucifixion Trilogy, it felt like the voice in which […]

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My kid is a handful

Apparently my kid is a handful. He spent a week with his Grammy and his Gramps in New England, and Dave and I went to pick him up at the end of the week. They’re pretty crazy about him, and enjoyed having him around, which makes me endlessly happy and grateful. But keeping up with […]

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