Grandma Chicken Nugget

I got on the subway and opened my book. It wasn’t too crowded, and I took a seat in the middle of the bench. Across from me, and older lady was painting her nails red. She was taking up two seats to do it, and I was frankly impressed that she was able to paint […]

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Trigger warnings

We started to watch Game of Thrones. There was an impending feeling of doom and violence. Within the first ten minutes something awful happened, or was about to happen, I don’t remember. It was gruesome. We turned it off. We started to watch Daredevil. Immediately a young boy was lying injured in the street from […]

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R train blues con’t

I’d switched from the R local to the N express and was waiting for the R again. It probably would have been faster to walk home from the express stop than wait for the local, but I’d already put in 5 minutes wait time and didn’t want all that waiting to have been for naught. […]

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Overheard in Brooklyn

On Remsen Street: A thin kid in a St Francis College sweatshirt and some low-slung skinny jeans approaches an older, professional lady. She doesn’t see him at first, she’s having a heated convo on the cell. He speaks, inaudibly low. “Huh?” She says. He repeats his request. She pulls the cell from her ear, looks […]

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The nature of the things we do

I’m heading off to work this morning. Standing on the subway platform among my fellow commuters, fellow travels, I feel isolated. I know we all do. I feel the day spread out before me in a hazy expanse, with time points as sign posts: at x, have coffee, keep drinking coffee until y, because after […]

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