real life is better with breaks

I’m back from vacation but not ready to leave my Agathie Christie mysteries and sunshine behind. Luckily we’re going away again next weekend. All of these nearby family trips are a joy. We don’t spend much on travel, so we can buy lobster, instead. Things I Heard from my Kid on Vacation: Mommy does the […]

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Endings are messy

I wrote a play for Sticky about the Yanomami, or more specifically, inspired by this story I heard on Snap Judgement, about a kid who grew up in Jersey, but who’s mom was an Amazonian tribeswoman. His dad had been studying the Yanomami when he fell in love with the sister of the tribal chief. […]

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I’m a teenage girl

Today a friend of mine who teaches English to middle-schoolers asked me if I had a good monologue for a teenage girl. I said of course, because I am a teenage girl inside, just like my Gram. We went back and forth. “Easy reading level,” he said. “Hm,” I chatted back. “Sex or no sex? […]

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