Mr. Gray Beard Prof

In class the man said “I am so tired of these tropes where the woman in anger washes the dishes,” and I agreed. “Can’t we see her do something else? Masturbate or throw things or shout!” And we moved on to the next student, to read the next scene. This was undergrad, Sarah Lawrence College, […]

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Listen to your actors

There’s a pervasive feeling among many directors and playwrights that actors are tools. The feeling is that actors are malleable, that they are there to do as they’re told, move as they are instructed, say the words as written, memorize the lines, perform as commanded. This is a mistake. I was in rehearsal on Saturday […]

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Worship, words keep me up

Ideas and words on spinners, on fast forward. Curling words round the edges of my consciousness. Stealing moments to write them down. They are skin and energy. They are my sons name and priority. They are space. Words fill in all the space. When I focus in on a thought it is insulated with words. […]

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