Published: Save Ashraf Fayadh

Recently my mom brought the death sentence for Ashraf Fayadh to my attention, so I wrote up a piece hoping to help. You can check it out here, in The Federalist. You can join the facebook group Freedom for Ashraf Fayadh. And you can participate in the Worldwide Reading day for Fayadh’s work on January […]

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She is a dragon

I’ve been thinking alot this week about an old friend. I’ve talked about her before, her name was Valerie Kojsza. She was in a relationship with our friend Chris Kelly. He wrote this poem about her. Then he crumpled it up and threw it in the trash. I pulled it out. They’re both long gone, […]

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Rene Ricard’s Typewriter

li88y with David Marcus We met the typewriter before we met the man. Even before we knew the poems, we knew the typewriter. A slick, pastel blue and white, portable thing that weighed a ton and fit in its own special case. It was the prize possession of our friend Chris Kelley, because it had […]

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