Being middle class sucks.

I know it’s a thing lots of people want to be. But here’s the deal: being middle class sucks. When I was in undergrad labor historian Priscilla Murolo gave a giant lecture class at Sarah Lawrence, the private college where I studied. Sitting there in lecture hall, she asked us: “who among you believes that you’re […]

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Pushed and pulled

Yesterday I felt pulled in two directions. I’ve talked to other artist parents about this, about this pull, and yesterday, not for the first time, I felt it. I’d had a super productive day planned. Work at my job-type-job in the morning, then drop off my brand new laptop for repair (I think I got […]

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Making mommy friends

My kid keeps asking if one of his friends from school can come over. My first thought was that the tables had turned, and now parenthood wasn’t a question of incorporating my child into my social life, but he asking me to facilitate his. My second thought was that this was sweet, that my child […]

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