People talk about their exes, their exes they still talk to, the exes they still love, the exes who are inexorably linked to their sense of self. I don’t have much in the way of romantic exes. My husband is someone who was briefly an ex, and I have ex friends, which in almost every […]

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when I was 7

When I was 7 years old I lived with my dad and step-mom in N. Andover, MA. I had a pet bird, and a few diseased kittens, one after another, who for some reason would be very cute for a few days and then succumb to some kind of malady that left them foaming at […]

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We pulled up to the house and all my stuff was on the sidewalk. Neat piles of childhood possessions stacked atop boxes, atop white furniture gilded with gold trim. I never quite got a handle on my childhood possessions after that. I didn’t have a family anymore, not the one I knew. My brother and […]

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