Will Carter’s Barabbas at TNC

  Eduardo Machado directs Will Carter’s new play Barabbas, starring Gypsi Aponte and Mateo d’Amato. I talked to producer and actor Mateo about the show, and what inspired it. LE: This play draws heavily on Christian imagery. Barabbas was the notorious criminal that the people demanded be set free, demanding that Jesus, the innocent man, […]

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Roman Holiday w Stuart Bousel

I had a great experience writing this commission, and the resulting play, Sanctuary at the Oak Grove, is my favorite play of mine in years (here’s a monologue from the play). In light of the momentous occasion of its completion (there’s still a little work to be done, but it’s all there), I decided to […]

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What a great idea!

Maybe you’ve been wondering: what can I do to support my favorite little indie one-woman blogging show in the coming year? If so, I have a great idea for you! You can come to my show, and even better than just planning to do it, you can buy tickets. I really want you to see […]

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“Marriage is a daily choice” — talking The Baker’s Wife with Barrie Gelles

I feel simpatico with anyone who went to Sarah Lawrence College when I was there in the mid-late 1990’s, and Barrie Gelles is one of those people. When I met her again making theater downtown in the 2000’s, it was “let’s work together on something immediately” at first sight. She directed for Sticky at Bowery […]

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Why you can’t DIY FringeNYC

FringeNYC is serious. FringeNYC is a beast. She is big, and fierce, and I’m personifying as female because she is a disciplined and organized mama, with 187 kids and a burning need to do right by all of them. FringeNYC has two full time employees, but an army of seasonal part-timers, interns, and volunteers surge […]

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