dancer no 3
Dancer no. 3
i miss u
i miss u
how to sell
How to Sell Your Gang Rape Baby* *for Parts


Radio Mara Mara soundtrack, featuring Grace McLean, MayDay Radio, Kaylin Clinton, Stacy Rock, Jasme Kelly, Brief View of the Hudson, Libby Emmons, Jimmy Pravasilis, and Shawn Randall

Current Projects:

2017-09-30 15.50.24
Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Diana at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sanctuary at the Oak Grove: A commission with SF Olympians on the Roman goddess Diana and her two besties, the vestal virgins.
Emmy Archer and the Mad Secrets, a supernatural teen girl buddy story about overcoming the power of group think to harness the power of individuality.

Selected Credits:

Frigid Festival, How to Sell Your Gang Rape Baby* *for Parts, The Kraine, NYC

The Morrissey Plays, “Sing Your Life,” SF Theatre Pub, San Francisco

TALOS Science Fiction Festival, “Interface/Interface,” Chelsea Theater, London

NY Madness, “Sarah Abu Abdullah & the Fate of all Womankind,” WP Theater, NYC

365 Women a Year, “Condi on Ice,” a mini musical about Condoleeza Rice and Sally Ride. The Sheen Center, NYC

FringeNYC, Radio Mara Mara, The Kraine, NYC

Blue Box World, I Am Not an Allegory (these are people i know), Bowery Poetry Club, NYC

Lower East Side Festival, “Tease,” Theatre for the New City, NYC

Dixon Place, “Animal/Animal,” NYC

Blue Box World, Connie in Detroit, Bowery Poetry Club, NYC

Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Human Trafficking, The Girls from Afar, East West Players, The National Center for Democracy, LA

Elephants on Parade, “leaving last night,” EBE Ensemble, La Tea, NYC

Acorn Pictures’ Live Works, “Wanting It,” The Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles

Sanctuary Playwrights’ Workshop, Dirty & Leo in Tokyo, Geraldine Page Academy, NYC

Crown Point Festival, “At the Seashore,” Abrons Art Center, NYC

Blue Box World, The Sustainable Future, Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn

Seven.11 Convenience Theater, “Undone,” Desipina & Co., NYC

Subversive Theater Co., “Has the Whole World Gone Crazy,” Buffalo, NY

Blue Box World, Impenetrable, Smoke, Philly, PA

Dilateworld Multimedia Fest., “Candy,” Wooster St. Theater

Blue Box World, Sucky Candy, Lansdale Arts, Lansdale, PA

Blue Box World, Decomposition in Blue and White, TheatreDouble Rep., Philly, PA

Blue Box World, Subways, Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Philly, PA

Blue Box World, “Firetop” and “Overnight,” Second Stage at the Adrienne, Philly, PA

Eschaton Cabaret, Dixon Place & Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY

Polybe + Seats, A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things, Waterfront Museum, Brooklyn

Polybe + Seats, The Charlotte Salomon Project: Life? Or Theater? Brooklyn Fire Proof, Brooklyn; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

RAT Conference, MacBeth Project, El Rayo Mysterioso, Rosario, Argentina