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Hippopotamus, a full length play

Selected for Actors’ Studio Playwrights Directors Lab, 2017-18, with director Christopher Burris, and actress Richarda Abrams

In Hippopotamus, Artist Glory Kamdar-Clay feels like an outsider at her sons’ pre-K school, but when it turns out that he has special needs, she can barely face the other moms, or herself. Being the stay-at-home-mom in a two mom family is challenging enough, but when she suspects her wife of infidelity, she realizes that she can refuse to let herself, or her son, be defined by other’s expectations. 6 women, 3 men.

2014-10-18 12.46.39RedHouse

Vanishing at Red House, a feature length screenplay

Two years after their friend Veronica vanished, five friends are back at Red House for a party weekend. But when Veronica shows back up as though nothing has happened, the friends’ loyalties are tested, and the bonds that hold them to reality, and to each other, are broken forever.


2017-09-30 15.50.24

Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Diana at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A commission with SF Olympians on the Roman goddess Diana and her two besties, the vestal virgins. They will do anything to not have to take on the responsibility of being grown ass women. They gather in a stand of oak trees in a thick, old wood. Beyond the sound of crunching pine needles, the hooting owl, skittering nocturnal creatures, the crackling of the fire, is the sound of the highway. On the threshold that separates order from chaos, they prepare a ritual, a sacrifice in an attempt to see into that chaos, to truly understand what holds the universe together, and the depth of their own hearts.

Emmy Archer and the Mad Secrets, a novel for middle-grades. Emmy Archer is a young girl with a divided heart. When confronted with the ultimate evil from the beginning of time, in the form of bubble ticks that emerge from the blood of ancient sea monsters and contain the souls of those lost at sea, Emmy must find a way to be whole or lose herself forever.

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