Gloria Hurst joins Radio Mara Mara

I’m super excited to welcome Gloria Hurst to our production of Radio Mara Mara. Gloria is our stage manager, and already has brought a level of calm reassurance to the production, namely because Ali and I have determined that there’s no reason to freak out if there’s an sm on board. It’s just a rule. Also Gloria and I went to the same undergrad, and if there’s one thing I know for certain: the more Sarah Lawrence girls in a room, the better.


Gloria Jean Hurst (Stage Manager) is thrilled to be making her NYC stage management debut with the cast and creative team behind Radio Mara Mara. She recently graduated from Sarah Lawrence College where she studied stage management, lighting, and sound design, among many other arcane subjects.  Her work at SLC included stage-managing for such notable directors as Kristin Marting, Lear deBessonet, and Will Frears, as well as many other beloved faculty and friends.  Gloria would like to thank her parents for helping her squeeze all her earthly possessions into her tiny Harlem apartment so that she could start this wonderful journey, as well as “Little Sprout” her nephew-to-be, for bringing new joy into the world already.   

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