I am that non practical thing: A Brief View talks RMM

A Brief View of the Hudson covered The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love for the Radio Mara Mara soundtrack, and it’s pretty incredible.

They’re playing a 10 year anniversary show Saturday, August 16th, so if you’re in the City, go check it out. The Bitter End, 8 pm, 147 Bleecker Street, NYC.

“A Brief View of the Hudson has been making sweet music for over a decade now. Come celebrate our sonic longevity at the legendary Bitter End. We will have the full nine piece band in effect with special guests Stefan Zeniuk, Jackie Coleman, Sean T Hanratty & Debe Dalton. Who knows who else might show up!”

brief view

Ann Enzminger and Nick Nace are A Brief View of the Hudson

In Radio Mara Mara, Masa the DJ plays tracks for a fleeing populace. If you were running to the border, what song would def be on your playlist, and why?

Live Free, by Sun Volt.

I would have Paradise by John Prine. I love John Prine but also because its about “progress” destroying what once was beautiful. Seems appropriate.

E.G. and Leoni live exiled from Mara Mara and the Leunsa Valley for over a decade, all the while missing the sweet sweet fruit of the Grundub Tree. If you were exiled from New York, what’s the one food you would most miss?

Lump crab meat, mermaid food.

Fried chicken. Definitely fried chicken.

The DJ and the Archivist are well aware of the need to pack a kit for any kind of extended journey, either into the West Mara Canyons, or running from violence. What’s the one, non-practical thing you would include in your disaster kit?

I fear that I am that non practical thing, otherwise a 35mm camera.

An acoustic guitar, those strings can be deadly!

If New York were bombed out and war torn, would you stay or would you go?

Stay. Bronx pride baby.

I’d peace out back to Canada in a heart beat.

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