Dinner takes four hours.

I’m working on this new play. It’s called hippopotamus. Here is a monologue from Glory, who is the stay-at-home mom in a two mom family. She’s an artist, but has put her work on hold for the time being. To set the scene, this is somewhere in Act 2 I think. I didn’t mean to […]

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Compulsions and Avoidance

I stayed up late playing with Legos last night. More accurately, I stayed up late reinforcing a speedy little yellow vehicle C and I spent much of the afternoon building, racing, breaking, and redesigning. I told myself I wanted to surprise him by nailing it down so it could race all the way down the […]

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Art is not a profession

It started appearing on my feeds a while back, and much like a word that once newly learned seems to pop up all over the place, the concept of the middle-class artist began to materialize everywhere I looked. Articles calling for guaranteed income for artists, artist unionization, and facilitations for artists to trade art for […]

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Daria Polatin talks The Kilroys

If you’re involved in making theater at all, you probably know that the ladies have been bitching about the lack of gender parity on American stages for some time. The lady writers are pouring out of grad schools, just like I did a few years back, and demanding that their work be taken as seriously, […]

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