Candy Crushed

I think I od’d on candy crush. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a terrible game, it practically plays itself. It’s like the endorphin rushing floating disk game Riker gets on Risa that takes over the Enterprise, leaving it vulnerable to take over. It takes an extraordinarily plebeian skill set to conquer level after level, for […]

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Why you can’t DIY FringeNYC

FringeNYC is serious. FringeNYC is a beast. She is big, and fierce, and I’m personifying as female because she is a disciplined and organized mama, with 187 kids and a burning need to do right by all of them. FringeNYC has two full time employees, but an army of seasonal part-timers, interns, and volunteers surge […]

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On closing the show

We’re closing the show tonight. DJ Masa will be broadcasting one last time from the booth at Radio Mara Mara, and the Archivist has one last chance to transfer all that analog to digital. As such, I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone who worked on the show for bringing their hearts into […]

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I’m sorry, Laura Mueller.

Dave and I were taking about being assholes the other day. We were waking far, taking the long way to the subway, after spending money we didn’t quite have on a meal just so we could eat together the two of us, a thing that never happens. When we we’d finished our feast and made […]

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Why we stay. And love it.

I recently came across an article by a self-proclaimed Philly playwright, working on the One Minute Play Festival. I was interested, because at one time I, too, was a Philly playwright. I lived in Philly, I wrote in Philly, I produced work and had work produced in Philly, I forged collaborations, all in Philly. In […]

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