The Man Who Loved Prince

It was 1999. We met his guy and he didn’t have anywhere to go. He had long brown almost black hair and a scraggly beard, he was about our age, he had long angles on his face. He was at The Last Drop all day, and he was loud. He was bumming Dave’s cigarettes, watching […]

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The pressure to Do

I feel the pressure to do. In all aspects of my life. I feel an expectation, across the board, to accomplish, to experience, to produce, to communicate. Is this a symptom of contemporary life? Must one always be doing? Be engaged? Be actively participating? I went to grad school wanting to write. I left grad […]

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real life is better with breaks

I’m back from vacation but not ready to leave my Agathie Christie mysteries and sunshine behind. Luckily we’re going away again next weekend. All of these nearby family trips are a joy. We don’t spend much on travel, so we can buy lobster, instead. Things I Heard from my Kid on Vacation: Mommy does the […]

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Back to the old house

There’s something so comforting about an old neighborhood. Your feet know right where to go. Everything looks familiar, even things that have changed. The sidewalk feels right, the sun slipping past the buildings warms you in just the right way. It’s a simple serenity feeling. I had cause to be in the old neighborhood this […]

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feel feeling like a mad crush

I get off at Delancey Street just so I can walk past some memories. I want to feel things I haven’t felt in a while. Every corner of this neighborhood is a time capsule. I’ve had a drink in every bar, bought milk in every bodega, peeked into every shop window. The hood has changed, […]

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