Trigger warnings

We started to watch Game of Thrones. There was an impending feeling of doom and violence. Within the first ten minutes something awful happened, or was about to happen, I don’t remember. It was gruesome. We turned it off. We started to watch Daredevil. Immediately a young boy was lying injured in the street from […]

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Faith is super hard

My anxiety comes from the realization that the secure foundations upon which I’ve built my life aren’t secure at all. I look at the faithful, the people who let God be a driving force in their lives, and I think: I want that. I want an anchor like that; a rock; a tether; a foundation […]

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Fever Pitch Fall

Every year, fall is the time of year when I try to figure out what to do with my life. Every fall, without fail, whether I want to or not, I find myself taking stock of my life, find it riddled with flaws, and try to determine what to do next. I’m basically a person […]

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