Super Sensitive Super Power

The thing where your kid is just like you and you know first hand exactly what they are going through while not really knowing anything about them is a real thing. I always suspected that this might be the case. Back when I was a teenager my parents, the original ones, mom and dad, would […]

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This is a speech from my new play hippopotamus. In hippopotamus four moms all have kids in the same pre-K. Their attempts to navigate a motherhood/work balance are complicated by being the stay-at-home mom in a two mom family, being married to the object of an adolescent passion, becoming a newly single mom in a […]

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The controversial bike ride

I found myself at the park. The park is not where I wanted to be. I wanted to be in my apartment, at my desk, doing some writing on my new story. Not 20 minutes prior to this very moment, where I found myself standing in ankle deep snow feet protected only by a pair […]

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Dinner takes four hours.

I’m working on this new play. It’s called hippopotamus. Here is a monologue from Glory, who is the stay-at-home mom in a two mom family. She’s an artist, but has put her work on hold for the time being. To set the scene, this is somewhere in Act 2 I think. I didn’t mean to […]

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