The Man Who Loved Prince

It was 1999. We met his guy and he didn’t have anywhere to go. He had long brown almost black hair and a scraggly beard, he was about our age, he had long angles on his face. He was at The Last Drop all day, and he was loud. He was bumming Dave’s cigarettes, watching […]

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the first time

It was the first time I felt naked on stage. Really exposed, vulnerable, out of control, careening, falling even, into my self, out into the street, cars bearing down on me, stuck in the brights like that perennial deer. The play was about some kids and their families; messed up kids, messed up families. The […]

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No apologies

I have this old friend who says “I will not apologize for that.” It could be anything, it could be his taste in music, or ambrosia salad, could be his mid-west attitude, sometimes off-putting, always honest. “I will not apologize for that.” When I first started producing my own work, it was a bit classless […]

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