Mr. Gray Beard Prof

In class the man said “I am so tired of these tropes where the woman in anger washes the dishes,” and I agreed. “Can’t we see her do something else? Masturbate or throw things or shout!” And we moved on to the next student, to read the next scene. This was undergrad, Sarah Lawrence College, […]

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Sentimental T-Shirts

I go through my dresser drawers and they are stuffed full of clothes I don’t wear. I want to chuck it all out, I want my drawers and closets to be empty of this bulk, this weight that I carry around on my back like an overburdened turtle, but there are all these sentimental t-shirts. […]

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I’m a teenage girl

Today a friend of mine who teaches English to middle-schoolers asked me if I had a good monologue for a teenage girl. I said of course, because I am a teenage girl inside, just like my Gram. We went back and forth. “Easy reading level,” he said. “Hm,” I chatted back. “Sex or no sex? […]

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